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LGBTQ+ Pride Month - eBooks

by Zachary Brown on 2023-06-05T13:00:00-05:00 in Communication Studies, History, LGBT Studies, Media Arts | 0 Comments

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Image one: E-book titled Flaming Classics: Queering the Film Canon (2000) - synopsis: In his wicked readings of film favorites, Alexander Doty takes us to the queer side of criticism, offering fresh and controversial views of the stars, the plots, and the directors of our best loved and most iconic films. Arguing against the assumptions that only explicitly gay films are subject to gay readings, he looks at six classics and reads them for their queer potential. With both affection and scholarly rigor, he teases out the lesbian fantasy inherent in The Wizard of Oz, the gay nightmare narrative of The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari, the bisexual erotics of Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, the queerness of Norman Bates, and more.

Image two: E-book titled Transgender Cinema (2019) - synopsis: Transgender Cinema gives readers the big picture of how trans people have been depicted on screen. Beginning with a history of trans tropes in classic Hollywood cinema, from comic drag scenes in Chaplin’s The Masquerader to Garbo’s androgynous Queen Christina, and from psycho killer queers to The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s outrageous queen, it examines a plethora of trans portrayals that subsequently emerged from varied media outlets, including documentary films, television serials, and world cinema. Along the way, it analyzes milestones in trans representation, like The Crying Game, Boys Don’t Cry, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and A Fantastic Woman.

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