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Finding Articles & Journals

The UNT Dallas Library is your best bet for finding academic articles and journals, plus instructional tutorials and tips to save you time and get the sources you need.  

The most frequently used databases:

How to Search Articles in Ebsco EDS & Ebsco Databases

How to Find Journals in Ebsco EDS & EBSCO Databases

A  journal (or publication search) is one that gives you access to all available volumes and issues of a selected publication.

To perform a publication search in Ebsco EDS or the other Ebsco databases:

Click on the Publications link on the top toolbar of your search screen.

  1. Type in the publication name in the Browsing field.

  2. Choose your search criteria and click the Browse button.

  3. The desired publication or publications are displayed in a Result List, if available in the database.  


Ebsco Publication Search Interface



Search Criteria

When searching from the Publication Search Screen you have the option to choose from the following search criteria:

  • Alphabetical - Enter the first few letters of the publication name. Your search results will include all available publications that begin with the letters you entered, presented in alphabetical order.

  • By Subject & Description - Finds publications that carry your search terms in the Subject, Description or Title fields of the Publication Details.

  • Match any words - Finds publications with one or more of the words in your search terms. Results are displayed in order of relevance to your search terms.  

To view detailed information about a publication while on the Publication Search Screen, click on the name of the publication. This will show pertinent information about the publication such as title, publisher's name, address and URL. This also includes coverage dates for abstract and full text, if available, and shows the years for which data is available for the publication.


Ebsco Publication Search Details   Ebsco Publication Search Issues

Clicking on the desired year will expand to show volumes and issues. To see articles from a particular volume/issue, click on the volume/issue name. Click the Back button to return to the Publication Screen.

More Ebsco EDS & Ebsco Database Search Tips

When using EBSCOhost databases, consider these search strategies to help you locate the most relevant results.

How to Search Articles in ProQuest Central & ProQuest Databases

How to Find Journals in ProQuest Central & ProQuest Databases

You can locate hundreds of journals using the Basic Search option in ProQuest Central. When you open the ProQuest Central search interface, click on the Scholarly Journals tab and the search term or phrase you wish to research. Be sure to also indicated by adding a check mark for full text and/or peer reviewed materials. 

ProQuest Central Basic Scholarly Journal Search


The Publication Search page lists all publications (ex. journals) in all currently selected databases. Your search will return matches on both current publication titles and their as-available historical titles.

1.  Search for a Publication using the pull-down menu to choose to search In the title, Title begins with, In publication summary, and In subject

ProQuest Central Publication Search Text Box

2.  To narrow your publication list, use the filters in the left column to refresh your list to target specific types of publications based on focus or content. Expand and collapse filter categories such as Source type, Publication subject, Language, Publisher, and Database.  

ProQuest Central Publication Search Filter Options

3.  From the publication results page, select a publication title to view the Publication Information. The record includes the Publication title, Coverage, ISSN, Language, Subjects, Source Type, Publication title history and Publisher information which includes Publisher name and address. As a general rule, ProQuest only has an entry for the last title of a journal, and its ex-titles appear in the title history field of the publication record. 

ProQuest Central Publication Details page

4. From the publication information record, use the Search within this publication to search and locate articles containing your search terms.

Selecting the Advanced Search link will open up the Advanced Search page and populate the search form with the selected publication title and the publication title field from the Advanced Search pull-down menu. Visit the Advanced Search Help page to learn more. 

5. From the publication information record you can also  browse the available issues by selecting a year and then an issue to view the published articles within that issue. The list of issues are sorted by most recent issue first, but you can also choose to sort by the oldest issue first. 

ProQuest Central Publication Issue Links

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When using ProQuest databases, consider these search strategies to help you locate the most relevant results.

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