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Native American Heritage Month - eBooks

by Zachary Brown on 2023-11-05T13:00:00-06:00 in Biography, Ethnic Studies, History, Humanities | 0 Comments

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Image one: E-book titled Prairie Man: The Struggle between Sitting Bull and Indian Agent James McLaughlin (2015) - synopsis: U.S. Government policy toward Native Americans after the Battle of the Little Big Horn was to give them a makeover as Americans after finally and firmly displacing them from their lands. Sitting Bull, when forced to accept reservation life, understood who was in control, but his view of reservation life was very different from that of the Indian Bureau and its agents. His people’s birth right was their native heritage and culture. Although redrawn by the Government, he believed that the prairie land still held a special meaning of place for the Lakota. Those in power dictated a contrary view - with the closing of the frontier, the Indian was challenged to accept the white road or vanish. In the case of the Lakota, that position was given personification in the form of Agent James McLaughlin. This book explores the story within Sitting Bull’s and James McLaughlin’s conflict and offers new perspectives and insights.

Image two: E-book titled The Victory with No Name: The Native American Defeat of the First American Army (2014) - synopsis: In 1791, General Arthur St. Clair led the United States army in a campaign to destroy a complex of Indian villages at the Maumee River in northwestern Ohio. Almost within reach of their objective, St. Clair’s 1,400 men were attacked by about one thousand Indians. The U.S. force was decimated, suffering nearly one thousand casualties in killed and wounded, while Indian casualties numbered only a few dozen. Native American historian Colin Calloway demonstrates here that St. Clair’s Defeat—as it came to be known—was hugely important for its time. It was both the biggest victory the Native Americans ever won, and, proportionately, the biggest military disaster the United States had suffered.

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