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CDFS 3310: Family Crisis

How to Find Articles

How to Find Articles

  • Databases help you find both scholarly and popular articles 

  • Find links to the library databases through the Electronic Resource page 

Scholarly Articles and Popular Articles

  • Scholarly articles are published in scholarly journals and allow the authors to report their research findings to others researchers, scholars, and students. Scholarly articles are also called Peer-Reviewed because field-specific experts reviewed the articles before publication.

  • Popular articles are often published in magazines and newspapers and are intended for a general audience. The contents of the articles are of general interest and often cover current events. 

Search for Background Information

  • Before starting your search you will need to know information about your topic. The best places to look are academic encyclopedias, subject guidebooks, or subject-specific dictionaries. 

  • Credo Reference allows you to enter keywords about your topic to find entries published in thousands of academic reference works. 

  • When reading about the background of your topic record key concepts, legislation, books, theories/theorist names, etc. This information will be helpful when searching the databases.
  • Literature Reviews are also good places to find background information and to identify key research studies on your topic. You may search for literature reviews by including the keyword review when searching the databases. For example, if you search using the following keywords: Infant AND parental relationship AND review; you will find literature reviews that include the keywords infant and parental relationship.
  • You may also find literature reviews by searching the database Annual Reviews. Annual Reviews publishes systematic reviews covering over 50 different fields. Note that the UNT Dallas Library does not subscribe to all the Annual Review journals. Please submit an interlibrary loan request for any needed review not available in full text. 

Where to Start Searching

Where to Search Next

  • Continue your search with subject-specific databases related to your topic area. 
    • Field Specific databases search articles published within a single field
    • You will receive fewer results but they will be more relevant to your subject
  • Try searching the following databases

Access the UNT Dallas Library electronic resources.

Background Information

The following databases provide background information that may be useful when beginning the research process. 

Tipasa Interlibrary Loan

How to Request Articles, Book Chapters, and Books through the Tipasa Interlibrary Loan and Ebsco EDS

Often when searching the library databases (such as Ebsco EDS or ProQuest Central) you will find items such as articles that are not available as full-text links. You may request access to articles, book chapters, or books by submitting a Tipasa Interlibrary loan request. Interlibrary loan links will appear in the search results or you may submit interlibrary loan requests directly through your Tipasa account.  

1. From the database search results page click on the Request through interlibrary loan link.

2. Your Tipasa account will open to the request page. Fileds related to the request will be filled out. Review and update any informaiton then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

3. Review the About my Request section. Provide a Need by date.

Need By Date

  • Please note that an article and book chapter will be delivered electronically. Please enter a 1-2 week need-by date.
  • Book requests will be fulfilled through a physical book. Please provide 2-3 week need by date. 
  • Requests will expire after the need-by date passes and Tipasa will no longer work to acquire the item requested.
  • You may resubmit the request or contact the interlibrary department for further information. 

Copyright Acknowledgement

  • Review the Copyright Acknowledgement
  • Check the box to acknowledge the statement

Click Submit Request


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