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ENGL 1323: Computer Assisted College Writing II

Study of the relationship between writing and research. Emphasis on the process of perfecting the essay through the writing of several drafts in the freshman computer laboratory.

Electronic Resources A-Z Databases Links

Access links to all the UNT Dallas Library electronic resources (databases).

Background Information and Literature Reviews

The following databases provide background information that may be useful when beginning the research process. 

Annual Reviews publishes literature reviews that synthesize research and places it in a historical context. The reviews also address areas and questions that need further exploration. Students will receive information to inform their research and understanding of the topics covered.

Credo Reference allows you to search for background information from authoritative academic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks.

Muti-database Search

Multi-Database Search Engines Ebsco EDS and ProQuest Central

Ebsco EDS and ProQuest Central are multi-database search engines. These search engines search the majority of the library's databases at once. These databases will provide a range of information from cross-disciplinary sources which makes these databases an ideal place to start your research. 

Subject-Specific Databases

After searching the multi-database search engines then consider searching a subject-specific database for information from a particular subject area. 

Subject-specific databases search publications from a specific discipline. The databases that follow provide access to articles, reports, literature reviews, and peer-reviewed research studies from a range of academic disciplines.  



Communication Studies


Criminal Justice


Law & Legal Information

Political Science



Inter-Disciplinary Databases to Consider

After searching the above databases you may also consider searching the following that includes cross-disciplinary information.

Academic Search Complete provides information from a broad set of interdisciplinary academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.

JSTOR provides access to archived backfiles of journals in the arts and sciences, business, language and literature, science, ecology, botany, and music. 

Nexis Uni provides access to a broad selection of news sources that can be used to keep informed with current events and trends. Nexis Uni also provides business and legal information.  

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