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Databases Tutorials: HeinOnline

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HeinOnline is a premier online database that bridges an important research gap in history by providing comprehensive coverage from inception of more than 2,800 law-related periodicals, as well as all essential government documents, constitutions, world trials, classic treatises and much more!

More HeinOnline Resources

HeinOnline Welcome Page

This tutorial provides a brief overview of the features and functions of the HeinOnline Welcome Page.

How to Search in HeinOnline

Whether you are new to HeinOnline or a regular user who needs to brush up on their skills, this short tutorial covers the basics of searching. We'll take a look at how to search from the welcome page, or from within a specific collection, while introducing some basic syntax options.

Image Toolbar

This tutorial explains the functionality of all tools on the image toolbar, which is located above every page image in HeinOnline.

Downloading, Printing and Sharing Documents

This video explains how to download and print HeinOnline documents also discusses file sharing methods.

Using ScholarCheck

When browsing through scholarly journals and secondary sources in HeinOnline, it's imperative to know how authoritative a source is for your research. ScholarCheck analyzes citation data to provide the most-cited journals, articles, and authors and aides researchers in quickly locating related material. Watch the brief video below to get an overview of HeinOnline's ScholarCheck..

Creating a MyHein Account

Quimbee explains how to create a MyHein personal research account, which can be used to bookmark documents, save search queries, and set up eTOC alerts.

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