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APA 7th Edition Guide: Title Page

Student Paper Title Page

Student Paper

Student papers usually include a title page, page numbers, text, and a reference list.

Student paper title page

  • Title of the paper
  • Name of each author of the paper
  • Name of the department or college
  • Name of the institution (University of North Texas at Dallas)
  • Course number and course name 
  • Instructor name (Check with the professor to determine how their name should appear)
  • Assignment due date (example February 2, 2020)
  • Page number (page number is included on all pages starting with the title page)

Paper Title

  • Paper title should be in title case, bold, centered, and positioned three to four lines down from the header or top margin
  • If the title extends past one line separate the main and secondary titles on different lines

Author byline

  • Include one double spaced line between the title and the author byline
  • Paper’s with one author include the name centered (do not bold or italicize the author’s name)
  • Paper’s with two authors separate with and

Jody C. Campbell and Cindy R. Vargas

  • Multiple authors should be entered on the same line
  • Allow names to extend to the next line if longer than the initial one
  • Separate three or more authors with a comma, separate the last name with and

Amy Morton, Gwen Robertson, and Erika Castillo

  • Order author names based upon the contribution to the assignment

Name of institution

  • Include the department or school followed by the name of the university (centered, do not bold or italicize the text)

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of North Texas at Dallas


HMGT 3370 - Fairs, Festivals, and International Events

Instructor Name

  • Consult your faculty member on how they would like for their name to appear

Due Date

  • Include the date the assignment was due

Page Number

  • Page numbers begin with the title page
  • Do not include running head on the first page
  • Page numbers should be flushed right on every page (including the title page)
  • Do not type page numbers manually, instead use the page numbering function provided by the software to automatically insert page numbers into the paper


For more information see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 7th edition - Chapter 2 Paper Elements and Format pages 29-37 (Available at the UNT Dallas Library)

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