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APA 7th Edition Guide: General Formatting

General Paper Formatting

Order of APA Style Student Paper

Arrange the paper in the following order:

  • Title Page (page 1)
  • Text of the paper (start on a new page after the title page)
  • Reference page (start on a new page after the text of the paper)

Page Header

  • Page numbers should be flushed right on every page (including the title page)
  • Do not include running head on the first page
  • Do not type page numbers manually, instead use the page numbering function provided by the software to automatically insert page numbers into the paper
  • Do not include the title of the paper or the author's name in the header


  • Use the same font throughout the paper
  • The following fonts are acceptable

San Serif fonts

  • Calibri (11-point font)
  • Ariel (11-point font)
  • Lucida Sans Unicode (10-point font)

Serif fonts

  • Times New Roman (12-point font)
  • Georgia (11-point font)

Line Spacing

  • Double space the entire paper
  • The title page is double spaced with an additional double spaced line included between the title and author byline
  • Do not add extra spaces after paragraphs or any heading found in the text of the paper


  • Use 1 inch margins on all sides throughout the paper
    • This is the default setting for most word processing software including MS Word

Paragraph Indention and Alignment

  • Use the tab key to indent the first line of each paragraph (0.5 inches)
  • All other lines of the paragraph should be left aligned
  • Do not use full justification, instead allow the right side of each line of the paragraph to flow unevenly
  • Do not manually divide words or use any computer software hyphenation functions


For more information see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 7th edition - Chapter 2 Paper Elements and Format pages 43-46 (Available at the UNT Dallas Library)

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