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APA 7th Edition Guide: Reference List Examples

Reference List Examples

The following are examples of references organized by the type of information. The APA Style Blog offers additional Reference examples.

Journal Article with a DOI

Franz, K., & Swanson, R. (2019). Jaguar expansion: An experimental case study with recommendations. Big Cats

Review, 157(3), 59-82.

Parenthetical in-text citation: (Franz & Swanson, 2019)

Narrative in text-citation: Franz and Swanson (2019)


Magazine Article

Blake, D. (2015, May). The future of cybercrimeTech Crime29(3), 47.

Chan, J. (2018, February 18). The secret history of the yoyo. Hobbies Unlimited, 581(7421), 20-29.

Rogers, N. (2014, April 2). The ghost town and the oil reserve: An investigative report. Economics Digest.

Parenthetical citations: (Chan, 2018; Rogers, 2014; Blake, 2015)

Narrative citations: Chang (2018), Rogers (2014), and Black (2015)


Newspaper Article

Jones, F. (2017, November 3). A great dane, an experimental surgery, and the future of canine intelligence. The Dallas

Morning News


Dinkley, V. (2020, January 13). Local teens help solve mystery. Los Angeles Times, C2.

Parenthetical citations: (Jones, 2017; Dinkley, 2020)

Narrative citations: Jones (2017) and Dinkley (2020)


Blog Post

Jack, S. (2016, August 10). The theoretical ethics of time travel. Lab Philosopher.

Parenthetical citation: (Jack, 2016)

Narrative citation: Jack (2016)


Authored Book with a DOI

Ripley, E. (2014). Floating cat: A history of animals in orbit. Oxford University Press.

Parenthetical citation: (Ripley, 2014)

Narrative citation: Ripley (2014)


Authored Book without a DOI (from most academic research databases or print version)

Cooper, D. (2018). Deductive techniques in police investigation. Owl Press.

Parenthetical citation: (Cooper, 2018)

Narrative citation: Cooper (2018)


Authored eBook (e.g., Kindle book) or audiobook without a DOI, with a non-database URL

Graham, W. (2010). The therapeutic effect of dogs (A. Bloom, Narr.) [Audiobook]. Quiet Sheep Audio.

Katz, B., & Crawford, J. (2008). The psychological impact of murder investigations. Second Home Co.

Parenthetical citations: (Graham, 2010; Katz & Crawford, 2008)

Narrative citations: Graham (2010) and Katz and Crawford (2008)

You do not need to specify if you used an audiobook versus a print book or an eBooks when the content is the same. If the content is different, note that the work is an audiobook in the title element (e.g., abridged), if you note something specific to the audiobooks (e.g., the narration style), or if you quote from the audiobooks.

If the audiobook was released in a different year from the text version:

Tomlinson, F. (2016). Fragments from finland: Poetry and prose (H. Jasper, Narr.) [Audiobook]. Windmill Publishing. (Original work published 1990)

Parenthetical citation: (Tomlinson, 1990/2016)

Narrative citation: Tomlinson (1990/2016)


Edited book without a DOI (from most academic research databases or print version)

Sherman, L. (Ed.). (2019). Heat and flame: An account of fire and its symbolic meanings. Routledge.

Parenthetical citation: (Sherman, 2019)

Narrative citation: Sherman (2019)


Chapter in an edited book with a DOI

Franklin, T., Brock, E., Simpson, B., & Kyle, S. (2018). The topology of eastern european ley lines in the countryside. In P. Starr

& M. Meyers (Eds.), The land alive: Explorations of history and geography (3rd ed., pp. 169-202). Murmur Press.

Parenthetical citation: (Franklin et al., 2018)

Narrative citation: Franklin et al. (2018)


Film or video

Lanthimos, Y. (Director). (2018). The favourite [Film]. Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Stein, L. (Guest Expert), & Olly, H. (Host). (2018). Sensory deprivation tanks and religious experience [Film;

educational DVD]. Science Foundation.

Parenthetical citations: (Lanthimos, 2018; Stein & Olly, 2018)

Narrative citations: Lanthimos (2018) and Stein and Olly (2018)

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