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Ipad/Swivl User Guide

Equipment for authorized school of education students and faculty

Upload iPad Video Recordings to Panopto

1.  Open the Panopto app to upload video.

2.  Click "Sign in" to log into Panopto.

3.  Make sure the Account drop-down menu has "Blackboard". Click on the "Sign In" button.

4.  Once you are logged in, click "Record & upload".

5.  Select desired folder for uploading video.  The folder on the photo will not be the correct folder for everybody.

6.  Click "Choose a video" to select a video to upload.

7.  Select "Camera Roll" as the source from which to choose a video.

8.  Choose the most recent video that is the furthest to the right.

9.  Click "Use" to select the video.

10.  Name your video.

11.  After naming the video, click "Upload" to begin upload process.

12. The uploading status message will change a few times from "Uploading" ,"Processing" or "Publishing", but is not limited to just these three messages.

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